All members of the ProFiL Netzwerkverein e.V. declare their willingness to actively promote networking and exchange between professors, academic leaders and junior researchers in the association.

  • The members of the ProFiL Netzwerkverein e.V. agree to act as advisors and mentors for “younger” female scholars and to be available to each other for peer consulting.
  • The members of the association cultivate a constructive and critical communication culture based on personal respect and mutual recognition (including in competitive scientific situations), fairness and sincerity.
  • Contact, exchange of information and experience, consultation and exploration of possible common research interests and cooperation should be as uncomplicated as possible. At the same time, the members of the association guarantee that they will handle their limited time resources with consideration.
  • Personal data of the association members will be handled in strict confidence. In the case of consultation meetings, the dialogue partners undertake to ensure comprehensive protection of confidence.
  • In decision-making bodies, commissions and advisory councils, the members of the association are committed to appropriate, non-discriminatory and transparent procedures. Especially when filling positions and in appointment procedures, they are committed to fair assessment according to clear performance criteria, taking into account the compatibility of science as a career and family. If there are reasons for a conflict of interest, they are made transparent. The members of the association actively counteract nepotistic tendencies.
  • In case of conflicts of interest and loyalty, the association offers a forum to discuss these and to advise on possible solutions.
  • The members of the association are strongly committed to scientific integrity and to compliance with the rules of good scientific practice.