The ProFiL Netzwerkverein e.V. promotes discrimination-free, excellence- and equality-oriented development of young researchers and leading scholars. In particular, the association supports the ProFiL Programme by allowing members to contribute with their expertise and experience and, as mentors, to advise and support future ProFiL participants.

The objectives of the association are:

  • to sustainably safeguard the interdisciplinary network of female ProFiL scholars and to further strengthen and expand the support structures developed for participants and alumnae of the ProFiL Programme.
  • to promote networking and exchange between young female scholars and professors or scientific leaders in the ProFiL Netzwerkverein e.V..
  • to support the future career development of female scholars – even beyond their academic appointment.
  • to foster the professionalisation for higher education and science policy posts and functions through dialogue and peer consulting with experts and experienced decision-makers as well as through adequate continuing education formats.
  • to be a forum for the discussion of overarching higher education and science policy issues. Exchange with experts and leading figures from science, business, politics and society shall be encouraged.